XI Highlight: Magical Muse Monday featuring Zena White

Magical Muse Monday featuring



XI Fashion Magazine’s first Magical Muse is author of the new book, “Collective Voices of the Tight Lipped”,  “For the Love of 2am, Poetry for Insomniacs”, a tribal makeup artist and body naturalist, Zena White!


Zena White, also known as Instagram’s favorite in the makeup, poetry and holistic natural world is on her second book, “Collective Voices of the Tight Lipped!” If you read her heart felt poetry and raw thoughts on paper or on social media you have defiantly had a change of heart in the life of honesty with thyself. ” Writing makes me feel present. Writing makes me feel alive. It’s as fluid as breathing for me…Whether it’s just jotting down words that come to me over and over during the week or an entire story…It’s my divine connection to understanding,” say’s White.


She has redefined and transformed vulnerability into an art, speaking her truth about love and challenging moments in her childhood and past experiences, with these writings Zena White has elevated the emotional face front for black woman and their multiple experiences everywhere. Through her posts she opens the doors to difficult conversations, and brings light to the darkness of thoughts.


Her followers adore her realness and ability to say out loud what many people feel and think but never seem to mention, “I love you Zena. I love your strength. Your courage. Your spirit. You are a fighter. And you’ve given so many people voices who may not have had strength. Thank you. I appreciate you on so many levels,” says one of her many followers, @missdarius as a comment under one of her October Instagram post.


It is far too rare to find a woman inspirational, beautiful, confident and real in her everyday existence, but when we do she must be raised on a pedestal of recognition to let the world know that the existence of this woman is rare but not yet extinct.

For more of Zena White purchase her books and follow her Instagram page @Zenissweetpenus!


Author, Zena White



    • Zena
    • November 9, 2016

    I would not classify my writing as mommy shaming. My poetry book “for the love of 2am” is about various topics thought about when you can’t sleep at night told from a black woman point of view. Topics such as working 9-5s… relationships, heartbreaks, growing and maturing into a young woman and understanding and loving myself. Now if you follow me on Instagram I write personal stories based upon my own personal experiences growing up with a mother who was abusive. If you never had a mother that was abusive than you probably could not even begin to relate to that type of trauma and classify my writing as just “mommy shaming.” So to answer your question yes the stuff I write about are factual and no all of my writing is not just “mommy Shaming” if you are actually interested in finding out more you can def. look up the hashtag #fortheloveof2am so you can see some of the poetry I’ve written in my books

      • Yashira
      • November 12, 2016

      Well it’s sorta one sided from your point of view which is your perspective. And I have read your other poems and creative writing. But u seems to be over and over the victim so that s just my view.

    • Yashira
    • November 8, 2016

    Her writing is like mommy-shaming. I mean is it like stories or reality?

    • Reply

      Her writing’s are based off real life experiences or inspiration from her surrounding reality. So if her motherly experiences were not loving then her writing can only reflect the gift of her experience in her reality.

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