The Annual Jarmal Harris Project: Fashion Airlines


The time has come and has past, while many people have yet again been left with an astounding memory of the annual Jarmal Harris Project until the next show graces our presence.

The annual JHP fashion extravaganza took off for flight Sunday, August 7, 2016 at the Blind Whino in Southwest, Washington DC. With the opportunity to fly with flyest DC passengers aboard like Lonnie Bee, Reesa Renee, and Mr. DC Fashion Week himself, Ean Williams, the entire audience landed with another eclectic, unique fashion experience.

Walking into the VIP mingling session decorated in art and pink cherry blossom trees a mellow yet upbeat ambiance of energy flowed through the room as DC movers and shakers got acquainted by mingling, networking, and taking
picturesbefore the real fun began.


When the time came to go aboard each passenger was politely greeted and seated by a JHP youth flight attendant with poise and a smile.” I love this program because it teaches me how to greet people and gives me an experience I have never had”, says JHP youth member Skyy.

Every year our very own DC youth are given a resume worth opportunity to contribute to a production experience that they will never forget.

The JHP experience offers them the opportunity to learn hands on skills of coordinating, dancing, directing, hospitality, PR, marketing, and creative stage building and what a creative stage it was! The entire stage was in the form of a JHP airplane! The models walked in and out of the airplane doors to present the fabulous garments by talented designers such as Jarmal Harris himself, Scheron Harley of Haus of Falenci’ago, and DaJon Johnson of DJD.


Beginning the show with a wonderful dance introduction of flight attendants boogieing down to Beyoncé’s recently released “Formation” anthem each stop was opened with a unique dance in its’ own!

Leading us to our first destination was an African inspired collection by Jarmal Harris, as he played with vibrant colors, patterns and culture. Each piece was perfectly stitch and runway ready, presented with high waist skirts, bell bottom pants, blazers, read-to-wear two piece sets, gowns and more. Followed up on the runway by DJD’s men and woman collection of royal inspired black and gold stitched jump suits, short sets and gowns, the show lead into even more eclectic pieces by various designers that presented fun urban lines and their ready to wear summer collections.


The show ended with a confetti bang from the sexy, effortless line by celebrity designer, Scheron Harley CEO and creator of the House of Falenci’ago. Each piece was sensually sewn with attitude, as the models presented sheer, skin fit, sequenced gowns and one piece suits that dazzled in jewels and diamonds around the runway. Ending the show with confetti falling out of the sky and the Kanye West hit, “Diamonds are Forever”, the JHP landing was undefinably an unforgettable experience. We look forward to continuing our annual support for the DC youth of the Jarmal Harris Project experience.




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