We Are Black Owned

During this transgressive time life is hard for many if not all of humanity. As our detrimental times pass, progressive times are defiantly ahead. As our official first blog back XI wants to let it be known that we are a black owned business and we support black entrepreneurship. We are a publication with the goal of supporting the capitalization of small businesses through networking and promotion of articles and interviews.


It is now the time for our people to come together in order to strive emotionally, physically and financially. We look forward to supporting your businesses, talent and innovations and recirculating that in our community.


Our goal is to highlight and embrace our cultural aspects of art, entertainment, college news, fashion and politics so that the origination will stand in a published foundation for future generations. Ase’





    • Beanita durbin
    • August 10, 2016

    Glad to know this magazine is keeping its flare! Ypu are the best and im proud of you.

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