XI BLOG ALERT!!! Our New Love, Sex & Relationships Column


images-2Everyone on earth has at least one thing in common, and while we explore this thing called life one major factor we all have common interests in are other people. Whether or not you agree that everyone needs someone, it is a crucial fact that in some type of way, at some point in all of our lives whether work related, romantic, friendship or sexual, different type of relationships and companionship is sought out to experience or endure.

XI has come to the conclusion that our city needs to start having open discussions and talking about the human and social affairs among us that deal with Love, Sex and Relationships. Numerous of contributing writers will give you the XI experience of Love, Sex and Relationships in our new column that exposes the “realities” of experiences between lovers, sex expose’ and varied relationships with people we surround everyday in our lives. As we travel the city to get insight and true opinions from couples and people about these topics that are experienced everyday; we are pushing the people to a new view, openness, and honesty that reveals a certain truth about lovers, people and self.

We are uncovering the secrets of keeping healthy relationships, and unlocking unspoken questions of sex and unveiling the truth behind real love and lust! Tune in every Sunday on our blogspot to keep up with the latest articles and videos on our Love, Sex and Relationship encounters.

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